Orbit 9 – Getting Right with God

*Orbit 9.1* – Jesus has a reputation – many crowds are following him and people want to bring their friends to Jesus for them to heal them.

*Read* Luke 5 verses 17-26

  • What do you think the friends hoped would happen?
  • Were they surprised by Jesus’ words? (v20)
  • Is it easy to forgive sins or to heal someone? No – what did Jesus show by healing the man?
  • How would you describe Jesus to others?

*Prayer* – Thank God for sending Jesus to deal with our greatest problem – the need to be forgiven!

*Creative* – Make a mat (or draw one) – write the name of someone you would like to bring to Jesus.

*Orbit 9.2* – Jesus has a reputation – he hangs out with ‘bad’ people!

*Read* Luke 5 verses 27-32

  • Why was a tax collector considered bad?
  • The religious people were surprised – but would the other disciples have been surprised too?
  • Jeus said his top priority was who? Who had he come to help?

*Prayer* – Thank God that he is your friend because of who he is and what he has done – it has nothing to do with who you are and what you’ve done!

*Creative* – Have a banquet – or celebration to thank Jesus!

*Orbit 9.3* – Jesus has a reputation – for partying and doing new things…

*Read* Luke 5 verses 33-39

  • Who was the bridegroom? 
  • What was the new thing that Jesus was doing? The new thing he was offering?
    • It was no longer about keeping a long set of rules – but what was it about?

*Prayer* – Thank God for sending Jesus to offer us forgiveness – and that we no longer need to follow a set of rules – just choose to follow Jesus
*Creative* – How about sewing a new piece of cloth as a patch to an old piece! Then washing – see what happens! Or going without food for a period of time?

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