7 Days of Prayer – Day 7 – Being Inter-Generational

So we come to the 7th day of our 7 Days of Prayer.

These 7 days have looked at the vision focus we currently have. Our prayer is that you are excited by these themes, that more and more people will join God’s kingdom and that all of us will go deeper and more passionate in our faith. Let’s keep praying!

Pause and pray

How good it is to be inspired and encouraged by people of different ages. To learn something new or to have the opportunity to serve together.

Read Romans 16:17-27

One of the ways that division can occur within church is between different age groups. And as Paul highlights here any division within a church is contrary to what God wants. And we know that when different ages serve, play, worship, learn and grow together it is something that honours God and shows that we are all his children and are living as his family.

We need to ensure that every age is valued, every person is given the opportunity to grow and learn. It doesn’t mean we do all things together – there are valuable times for the young to learn together and for the older members to meet together – but let’s never forget to make the most of every opportunity to meet together – and to value one another.

Pause and pray

Who is there of a different age to you that you are thankful for? Where could you go out of your way to meet and listen and be inspired by others of different ages?

Pause and pray

Lord God, thank you for everyone at CBC – for people of every age. Thank you that you speak through all ages, and that in all ages we can see aspects of what you are like. Thank you Jesus.


Continue to pray and why not listen to Gratitude

Pray & Worship Together

Day 7 – Saturday – 9am Intergenerational Prayer Breakfast

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