7 Days of Prayer – Day 6 – Welcome

What is it that makes you welcome? A smile, a cup of tea, a nice biscuit – but what next? Be thankful for all those who make you feel welcome in all different spheres of your life.

Pause and pray

How can we make sure CBC’s welcome is not restricted to just those on the hosting team, but is the task of us all. As we recognise that welcome begins at the front door, but continues through to commitment, baptism, membership and beyond.

Read Romans 16:1-16

What a remarkable chapter! In it Paul greeted at least twenty-six people by name, as well as two unnamed saints; and he also greeted several churches that were meeting in homes. He closed with greetings from nine believers who were with him in Corinth when he wrote the letter. What is the significance of this? It shows that Paul was a friend maker as well as a soul winner. He did not try to live an isolated life; he had friends in the Lord, and he appreciated them.

What has this to do with welcome? Well, should the aim of our welcome be to make friends? To discover what it is that makes them unique, what their gifts and talents are, what experience they have, what their passions are.

Perhaps like me, you have had an opportunity this summer to visit a different church. You could share how you felt welcome (or didn’t!). That is important, but how much more do we need to welcome, not just the newcomer, but those who have been here ages! To make friends to discover and inspire!

Pause and pray

We would love to have more people in different teams – teams to lead outreach, to inspire about world mission, to chat to those who attend during the week and many more. How great if every person felt welcomed and felt supported to serve God in many wonderful ways.

Pause and pray

Lord God, thank you that Jesus welcomed children, the outsider, the unclean, the questioning, the enemy – may I become more like Him.


Continue to pray and why not listen to Jesus at the centre of my life


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Day 6 – Friday – 7am in Link

Day 7 – Saturday – 9am Intergenerational Prayer Breakfast

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