Questions to ask your child after church

Why not pick one or two of these to ask your children on the way home from church, or over
food afterwards?

  1. What surprised you at church?
  2. How did you connect with God today?
  3. How did you see different people connect with God?
  4. Was there anything that didn’t make sense to you today?
  5. What was your favourite part of church?
  6. What questions do you have about the way the service is run/what songs we sing/who does
    the talking?
  7. What do you think God was doing/where was God in the Bible story/passage?
  8. Are you thinking/feeling differently about anything?
  9. How did God use you today?
  10. What did you notice that you haven’t seen before?
  11. Who in church would you like to learn from/like to get to know better/like to know how they met
    God/how they connect with God?
  12. Was there any part of the service where you felt especially close to God today?
  13. Who did you connect with today, and how do you think they’re like Jesus?
  14. What did you think about [Bible verse/passage]?
  15. Is there anything still buzzing in your brain from your group today?
  16. How will you live differently this week as a result of church today?
  17. Is there something you weren’t sure about that we could research together this week?
  18. Was there a song that really helped you connect with God that you want to play or sing this week?
  19. Did God place a person or situation in your mind where he’s given you something to do this week?
  20. What are you looking forward to about church next week?
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  1. Dave

    Good questions Simon, suitable for all ages as well! Thanks

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