Join a Life Group

Life Groups are a great way to get connected into Church life and make new friends. At its heart, a Life Group is less about what you do and more about who you do it with. We all need each other and that’s why we have Life Groups. They provide a way of exploring what it means to be a Christian in today’s world while at the same time growing deep relationships and having fun. Whether you are new to Church life or have been part of Churches for years, there is a Life Group for you!


Offer to serve

They say ‘teamwork makes the dream work’ and here at CBC we believe that. While we have paid staff we are served by a gifted team of volunteers who help make the dream of seeing everyone fall in love with Jesus become a reality. This could be serving on our welcome team, being part of our technical and creative teams, helping lead the children and youth programmes and much much more. Whatever your passion we have a team for you and together we are here to see the love of Jesus shared with all.


Dedication, Baptism & Membership


Children are so important to Jesus and they are so important to the life of Cosham Baptist. At a dedication service, the parent/s present their baby to God and to the church, and dedicate themselves to bringing their child up knowing Jesus. Dedication is different to infant baptism because we believe that a person makes the decision to get baptised when they have discovered a faith in Jesus for themselves.


Water baptism is an amazing thing that we get to be part of. It’s a public sign that you are a follower of Jesus, that you are starting a new life with Jesus, and that you are part of a new church family. During a baptism service, we hear the story of how the person got to know Jesus – and we celebrate as the person takes a ‘bath in public’.

Click here to watch a baptism service.


Membership is all about belonging to the family that is Cosham Baptist. As a member of the family you have said ‘I want to journey with this group of people and they have become my church family’. The Bible shows us how people were devoted to the local community of believers. Although that was over 2000 years ago, nothing has changed, we love being committed to this local community of believers.


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