Open Doors – Why are Christian women more vulnerable during Ramadan?

Nargena*, a convert from Islam, was gathered at an underground house church in Central Asia when her son barged in and verbally abused everyone. He was furious that she was at a Christian meeting, whilst he continued to follow the Islamic customs that he’d been raised with. 

He was particularly angry because it was Ramadan – a month of fasting for Muslim people, which concludes next week with Eid al-Fitr. It’s a time when converts like Nargena can be particularly vulnerable, even from their own family. “You’re shaming me, your mother,” Nargena said to her son, before he grabbed her hand and took her home.  It’s one of several incidents of persecution that have happened in Central Asia during Ramadan. Believers can stand out for not engaging with rituals, exposing them to attack, whilst it is also a time when more extreme Muslims are particularly likely to show hostility towards Christians. 

Please pray:

  • That Nargena, and others like her who’ve experienced persecution during Ramadan, will be given strength to persevere in their faith
  • That their families will come to know Jesus
  • That Christian women and girls in Central Asia will be given wisdom, courage and protection as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of Ramadan.

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