Orbit Week 17 – Follow, go, return

Orbit 17.1 – Jesus calls people to follow him, but some just decide to leave… 

Read Luke 9 verses 51-56

  • From verse 51 – does it surprise you Jesus was already on route to Jerusalem? The first Easter was still over a year away (and 10 chapters)
  • Easy to be quickly aggressive like James and John – would this describe you?

Read Luke 9 verses 57-62

  • What would it take for the 3 men to follow Jesus? Jesus isn’t saying families aren’t important – but he is saying serving God is more important!
  • When there is a choice between comfort and following God – what will help you to make the right choice?

Prayer – Thank God for people who inspire you who have kept following Jesus.

Creative – Find some blu-tac – work out the best amount to use to keep something stuck to a surface (e.g. a window). Use one big bit, lots of little bits… warm it up first. As you discover what is the best method to make blu-tac the most sticky… talk about how you can stay sticky in your faith.

Orbit 17.2 – Jesus had called people to follow him, now he tells them to go! He gathers 72 of his followers – and sends them out!

Read Luke 10 verses 1-16

  • What could the 72 expect? (v3, 10)
  • What message were they to give? (v9-11)
  • What will happen to those that reject Jesus?
    • There is a time when Jesus will judge all people. Sodom, Tyre and Sidon were all bad places mentioned in Old Testament – but although they were bad, it would be worse for towns who have seen Jesus and still rejected God.
  • Do you tell others that one day Jesus is returning?
  • Are you urgent enough in sharing the gospel?

Prayer – Ask God to give you an urgency to tell people about him.

Creative – On a clock – stick a sign or post-its that inspires urgency e.g. every minute counts

Orbit 17.3 – The 72 are back and there is joy! 

Read Luke 10 verses 17-24

  • What were the 72 excited about? 
  • Who was beating up the enemy? (v18) Was it the 72? (v19)
  • What should be more exciting? (v20)
  • What was Jesus excited about (v21)

Prayer – Thank God that your names are written in heaven

Creative – Make something tasty to share with someone – get excited about how good it will taste – remind one another that Jesaus is excited about all you could do for him!

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