Open Doors – Easter message

As we approach Easter this is just a very brief email to let you know that we have prayers on our website which you might find helpful during Holy Week. Praying through Holy Week with the Persecuted Church offers prayers and stories for Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Day.

Easter, and the days leading up to it, are a time of reflection and celebration for all Christians. But for the persecuted church it can also bring heightened risk. This year, Ramadan also coincides with Easter, and that is another time when many Christians can face greater scrutiny.

So please remember our persecuted brothers and sisters this Easter and give thanks for their courage and their faith in the resurrected Jesus.

As a church leader in Mosul, Iraq says: “We try to stay here and love like Jesus Christ. We try to give this meaning of Christianity: that love and life are better than death and killing.” Thank you for your concern for our persecuted church family.

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