Nehemiah – Passionate for God – Discussion Questions

  1. Reflecting on Nehemiah’s dedication to rebuilding Jerusalem’s walls without having seen them, how can we exhibit similar faith and determination in our own communities today? (Nehemiah 2:17-18)
  2. Nehemiah was known for his meticulous planning and attention to detail. How does Proverbs 21:5 inform our approach to projects and goals in our personal lives and within the church?
  3. Discuss the importance of upholding the sanctity of God’s name. How can we apply Nehemiah’s reverence for God’s name to the way we live and speak? (Nehemiah 1:9; Matthew 6:9)
  4. As believers, we are called to uphold the sanctity of God’s name. How can we prevent ourselves from bringing disgrace to God’s name in our actions and speech? Reflect on Matthew 5:16 where Jesus instructs us to let our light shine before others
  5. Discuss the role of prayer in maintaining a passionate relationship with God. How can we model our prayers after Nehemiah’s prayerful approach to challenges (Nehemiah 1:5-11)? Use the Lord’s Prayer in Matthew 6:9-13 as a starting point for discussion.
  6. Consider Nehemiah’s commitment to including everyone in the work of rebuilding. How can we foster a sense of inclusion and belonging within our church community? (Nehemiah 3)
  7. Nehemiah faced opposition and challenges during the rebuilding process. Share a time when you faced opposition while pursuing a godly vision, and how you overcame it. (Nehemiah 4:1-14)
  8. The message mentioned that Nehemiah was passionate about building God’s church to be welcoming and loving. In what ways can we build a welcoming community in our own church? Refer to Ephesians 2:19-22 which talks about the church as a household built on the foundation of the apostles and prophets.
  9. Discuss how Nehemiah’s actions demonstrated a balance between faith in God and practical action. How can we apply this balance in our approach to serving God today? (James 2:17)
  10. Nehemiah’s life was marked by a passion for God – his actions flowed from this commitment to put God first. We highlighted the idea of alignment. How can we assess if our lives are aligned with our passion for God and what steps can we take to realign ourselves? Consider Romans 12:2.
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