Orbit Week 7 – Different Gigs

Orbit 7.1

Jesus goes in to his home temple. Would this be a place where he gets welcomed or rejected? His message making people smile or getting people angry!

Read Luke 4 verses 14-22

  • Jesus said he had come to do 5 things – what were they?
  • How did the crowd first react?

Prayer – Ask God to keep doing those 5 things. Ask God for this next year to be a year the Lord has chosen for special activity!

Creative – Can you make a list of 5 ways Jesus sees you?

Orbit 7.2

The atmosphere in the temple now changes….

Read Luke 4 verses 23-30

  • What point was Jesus making with his history lessons? V24-27
  • How and why did the mood change?
  • How do you think Jesus escaped from the top of the cliff?

Prayer – Pray for people you know who have rejected Jesus. Pray you will opportunity to show kindness and love and have opportunity to talk more about Jesus

Creative – Can you make a sweet and sour meal? As you make it and eat it, remind yourself that for some Jesus was sweet, and for some he was sour.

Orbit 7.3

A new town, new response and a new challenge! 

Read Luke 4 verses 31-37

  • The people saw his power – in what ways did Jesus have power?
  • What was the reaction of the people?

Prayer – Pray for a greater trust in the power of Jesus. The more we trust, the less we need to fear.
Creative – Can you make an invitation to give to someone to invite them to an event or service at Church – make sure you give it to them.

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