Education – BMS Prayer Guide

Sep 8, 2023 | BMS, Mission Partners | 0 comments

Education expert Brad Johnson writes that “relationships are the foundation of education”.
Relationship is at the heart of all BMS seeks to do in the name of education. Pray that the
glory of our Lord Jesus will be seen across our global educational programmes.

In poor, rural areas of Bangladesh, BMS partner BBCS SHED runs the Children’s
Education Project (CEP), with more than 30 church-led early learning centres. Please
pray for excellent relationships with the children and their families.

Pray for BBCS SHED as it inducts a new Director, while also seeking a well qualified
Lead Education Officer for the CEP. Pray that the early years educators will foster
a love of learning among the children, creating a lasting legacy.

Pray for BMS partner KISC EQUIP, who train teachers in Nepal, and BMS partner
workers Dil and Krishna. Pray that their training seminars will bring about positive
change in the classroom, and that strong friendships will permit crucial conversations
about life and faith.

Lift up BMS partner Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) in Nepal. Pray for the recruitment of excellent teachers who will provide high-quality education for their students.

Covid-19 has affected our work in East Asia, but lecturers continue to build relationships online. Pray for good internet connections, which will facilitate student and lecturer interactions online.

In Ghusel, Nepal, teachers asked for help to improve facilities. Pray for our partner MCDS as they serve this wonderfully resourceful community and guide people towards positive educational outcomes.

Teachers have an eternal impact; they can never tell where their influence ends. Give thanks for a teacher who influenced you, that BMS-supported teachers will be godly examples.

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