7 Days of Prayer – Day 5 – Stay united

Are you a United or City fan? Sport or music? Sun or snow? Meal out or take-away? We might have many preferences and differences but there is one area where Paul tells us we do not have a choice. Sorry, City fans – we all have to be United!

Pause and pray

The Roman church was divided – it is not clear exactly why. But we know that it is so easy for any church to lose its unity.

Read Romans 14:1-12 (if you don’t want to stop, keep reading through to 15:13)

It is easy to think the Church is about me… here is one person’s rules…

  • My idea of visitation: everybody comes to see me.
  • My idea of sympathy: everybody suffering with me.
  • My idea of a sinner: the one for whom I have a great dislike.
  • My idea of a wise person: the one who listens to me.
  • My idea of unity: everybody agreeing with me.
  • My idea of cooperation: everybody working with me.
  • My idea of a good sermon:one that suits me and challenges everybody but me..

It is easy to think that unity is when everyone agrees with me – but it is clear here that Paul is demonstrating a different type of unity. A place where every person seeks to do what leads to peace and to the building up of each other (14:19)

Read the words of scripture again and allow God to speak to you and challenge you.

Pause and pray

A church can be divided, a group can be, and of course individuals can be. Take an honest look at your own relationships.

Pause and pray

Lord, help me to know that it is you that is most important. Your kingdom, your glory – it is not about me. Help me Lord to do all I can to maintain unity and show me how I can play my part to restore unity.


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