7 Days of Prayer – Day 3 – Go out for Jesus7 Days of Prayer –

Do you prefer to go out or stay in? To go ‘out out’? Or just out? To have people over or go visiting? We all have preferences – but when it comes to living out our faith Jesus left us in no doubt – he said “go out”

Pause and pray

How seriously do we take the command to go out, to love this world, to make disciples? Or are we waiting for them to come to us?

Read Romans 10:9-18

I always get fascinated watching the complicated ‘Rube Goldberg’ machines people post online. A myriad number of chain reactions as one ball goes along a track, hits dominos, trucks, swinging objects, chairs and more. There are many online – this one was done by a guy with a big home, lots of gadgets and a big imagination. Over 70 chain reactions. Just one ball falling off a track, one domino not falling correctly, a chair collapsing too soon… and it would all go wrong – the reaction stops.

Paul here talks about a different chain reaction – again if one fails, the following ones can’t happen. So what is this chain reaction?

Jesus sends heralds; heralds speak the Good News; people hear; hearers believe; believers call on the name of Jesus; and those who call are saved.

Yes, it is more complicated than this – we need to love others, listen to others, ask questions, have great answers – but in reality this is helping people to hear (and see) and believe.

Pause and pray

Do you recognise that Jesus is sending you with a message of Good News. Who are you sharing this with? Who could you meet with? Who could you engage with online?

Pause and pray

Lord God, thank you that you are the one who changes lives and draws people to yourself. Thank you for giving me the privilege and honour of being your herald, in this world that so needs to hear of your love.


Continue to pray and why not listen to The Lord is gracious and compassionate

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