7 Days of Prayer – Day 1 – Rooted in Jesus

We begin these seven days with a prayer that God will give us a clear vision for all he wants to do in His church, not just in the church but through each of us. Pray that you will have a new vision that makes a difference in your life and in your community

Pause and pray

The centre of our vision must be Jesus! He is the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega, the one before all things, the one after all things, above all things, holding all things. Jesus, the one who is the answer

Read Romans 1:16, 17

The gospel of Jesus Christ is one we are not ashamed of; it’s one we are proud of. It’s one we are delighted to share with others because it is the power of God, not just a ‘good story’, but the power of God that brings salvation to anyone, to everyone, who believes. That comes from the gospel, for in the gospel, the goodness, the love, everything is revealed by God. And Jesus is the one who is revealed in fullness to us.

Jesus is the answer! Yes, when we get asked what is brown, collects nuts and has a big bushy tail? The answer, possibly, is still Jesus! For he is the answer, he is right at the centre, he is everywhere.

Jesus, the centre of our vision. Do you have a big image of who Jesus is? Our salvation is all his doing, if we had anything to do with it, we would boast about it. But no, as Paul says in Ephesians 2, it is all his work and all the glory goes to him

Pause and pray

How big is Jesus in your life? How big is he in your prayers? How big is he in your ambitions? How big is he in your hopes and fears? How big is he in your relationships? How big is Jesus in your life?

Pause and pray

Jesus I come before you the author and perfecter of my faith I come before you and I bow down and I worship. May you be everything to me


Continue to pray and why not listen to Holy Forever

Pray & Worship Together

Day 1 – Sunday – Prayer First 6:30pm for an hour of prayer from 7pm

Day 2 – Monday – 7am on Zoom

Day 3 – Tuesday – 7:30pm in The Link

Day 4 – Wednesday – 12 noon in The Link

Day 5 – Thursday – 7:30pm in The Link

Day 6 – Friday – 7am in Link Day 7 – Saturday – 9am Intergenerational Prayer Breakfast

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