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On Wednesday news broke about a leaked document that revealed the UK Government could be set to break its five-year £11.6 billion climate finance commitment to vulnerable countries. This would be devastating for millions of people living in poverty who are seeing their homes, food and livelihoods destroyed by climate-related extreme weather events.

Last year, we urged the UK Government and other wealthy nations to keep their climate finance promises, through our Time to Deliver campaign. The UK’s commitment is part of the $100 billion a year promised by higher-income countries – those most responsible for the crisis – to enable lower-income countries to adapt and invest in a sustainable future. 

The Government has refuted yesterday’s leak and said its commitment still stands, but the indications are that it is way off track to meet the pledge. The stakes are very high for people living in poverty. We have a chance right now to demonstrate public support for climate finance and call on the Prime Minister to say exactly how and when the UK will deliver on its commitments. 

What can I do?

Take action right now by joining with thousands of others and signing our petition. We want to send an urgent message to Rishi Sunak that the UK Government must not backtrack, but stand by its promises and say precisely how and when it plans to pay up.

Sign the Petition

Please also pray with us. Pray that the Government doesn’t go back on its promise and that our politicians show real commitment to pay the finance they pledged.

The cost of broken promises

Tearfund’s Head of Advocacy, Paul Cook, said: ‘When wealthy and high carbon-emitting nations fail to step up to their climate responsibilities, it hurts us all but people in poverty most. 

‘Rishi Sunak’s Government still has time to keep the UK’s long-standing promise to low-income countries and communities of £11.6 billion by 2026 in climate funding. Failing to keep this promise would be a miserly betrayal that will cost lives and livelihoods.’

Thank you for taking action with us today!

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