6 hours to school

Jul 7, 2023 | BMS, Mission Partners | 0 comments

When’s the last time you walked for six hours? Not as part of a hiking trip, or around a new city on a holiday, but because you had no other choice? Perhaps there are a handful of places you can think of that would warrant such a trip. If so, they’re likely one-offs, rather than places you’d dedicate yourself to walking to every day. 

Krishna Bohora grew up walking for six hours to get to and from school. That’s three hours there and three hours back. Barefoot. 

His story is well worth a read, and not because it’s the story of a little boy overcoming the odds to get an education, though it is that. Because it’s the story of a boy who grew up to become a teacher, and who is now training other teachers to transform the face of education in Nepal, one school at a time. 

Krishna’s incredible work is supported by you. So, why not make time to read about it today? I promise you it’s worth it. And it will certainly take a lot less time than six hours! 

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