The frontline of healthcare poverty

Jun 29, 2023 | BMS, Mission Partners | 0 comments

BMS weekly update, 29 June 2023

Another Thursday, a fresh update for you. Whilst there may be no picture to give it away, you might have noticed a slight difference in the tone of this week’s update, and that’s because it’s a new person writing it! So hi, I’m Ed, the newest member of the team, it’s great to meet you and a privilege to be your guide this week on all things BMS World Mission.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time since I started at BMS learning about the work of BMS surgeons Andrea and Mark Hotchkin in Bardaï, Chad and honestly, it’s really moved me. So often we can take our access to healthcare for granted — I know I have. The idea of having to travel over 1,000 miles (that can be four days of travel!) for access to life-saving treatment is alien to me, but it’s a reality for far too many people in the world. And in a context where industrial accidents from working in brutal gold fields, dire cases of pneumonia, and lack of access to pre- or postnatal care are all too common, Bardaï Hospital is a crucial lifeline for so many.

The team at Bardaï Hospital are on the frontline of this battle, working tirelessly to make sure that local communities have access to the critical support and care they need. But the resources to make this possible are hard to come by. And you can make all the difference by giving today to the Bardaï Hospital appeal. This is such a golden opportunity to be the body of Christ and I deeply encourage you to come join us in the journey by giving if you’re able to.

Every blessing,
Ed Axtell
Content Creator Apprentice
BMS World Mission

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