Baher lost hope after tragedies at quarry. What changed?

When 13-year-old Baher* from Egypt joined his brother in working at a local quarry, he was anxious. The work isn’t enjoyable or remotely safe, but it’s where almost all the young Christian men in the village end up working – because of their faith, they aren’t offered better jobs.

Baher’s fears were realised when his arm was severed by a cutting machine. But worse followed when his brother tragically died following an electric shock. “My heart was torn apart, and I lost all hope in life,” says Baher. He’s among countless young believers in the Middle East and North Africa who feel ignored and rejected and need support.

Thankfully, Baher’s story is changing. He was in despair and angry at God when he met an Open Doors local partner, who helped him start a sheep rearing business and enrolled him in a discipleship group. “My whole family shifted our focus from blaming God to praising Him,” says Baher. “I’ve seen God’s practical love through your love, care and presence.”

Meet Baher

Please pray
* That all young Christians in the Middle East and North Africa who feel abandoned and hopeless will receive God’s hope
* For protection and opportunities for Egypt’s marginalised Christian communities
* That Open Doors local partners in the region will continue to receive God’s wisdom and provision.  

*Name changed for security reasons
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