A new action for Plastic Free July

Every 30 seconds the UK throws away two double-decker busloads’ worth of plastic.

We’re facing mountains of rubbish, and the rapid growth of single-use plastic is making the problem worse. It’s fuelling our throwaway culture, accelerating the climate emergency and impacting those living in poverty the most.

But we don’t have to ‘conform to the patterns of this world’: we can act now, change our habits and reduce our own waste. By doing our bit locally, we can stand in solidarity with people living in poverty who are facing the worst effects of the world’s rubbish problem.

Poverty is not God’s plan. You are. So, during Plastic Free July, we’re inviting you to take the Rubbish Bin-go challenge!

The Bin-go card has 16 challenges to help you reduce plastic, learn more about the world’s rubbish problem and share with others how we can be part of the solution. See if you can tick off four, eight, 12 or all 16 challenges through the month of July, and then think about how you can turn them into longer-term changes in your lifestyle.

Find more information about the challenges and download the Bin-go card via the link below.

Rubbish Bin-go

As you complete the challenges, share them on social media or email Tearfund if you can. You could take a selfie with your reusable cup or at your local refill shop, film yourself doing a bin audit, or even send a picture of your completed Bin-go card when you’re done! 

Use #RubbishBingo or #TearfundPlasticFreeJuly and tag @Tearfund on Facebook and Instagram or @TearfundAct on Twitter. You can also email your photos on

And don’t forget: as well as taking action in your own life, you can join us in calling for an end to this plastic crisis globally through our Rubbish petition.

Thank you for taking action on plastic with us. We can’t wait to see how you get on!

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