Holy Spirit, who speaks great truth through those You meet.

You’ve used young people to bring Your word to
Rich and poor
Young and old
Princes, priests and prophets.

The servant girl spoke of Your healing power to Naaman and because he listened to her
he was healed.

Samuel heard Your voice in the night and hid nothing of the truth to Eli.
The Apostle Paul entrusted Timothy to speak to Your people and lead the church forward.
Help us to listen to the young people in our lives
whose faith is often more courageous than our own.

May You intervene in our lives through the voices of young people.
May we too seek to amplify the voices of young people in our churches, our schools, our drop-ins.
Give young people the words You wish for us to hear and give us attentive ears to receive them.

Because You speak and we want to listen.

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