The power of young people

Father of the lowly, You search our hearts and see the potential for more than we could ever imagine.

The teenage Mary was tasked with carrying the infant child of Jesus.
She was afraid at first
She trusted You
When the time came, she held him in her arms
and treasured each precious moment in her heart.

The teenage disciples were tasked with bringing the Kingdom ever closer.
They stumbled and they got things wrong.
But eventually they followed Your example and performed miracles that changed the world.

Help us to see the potential in young people.
May we not dismiss them as too weak
to carry the weight of all You have called them to be.
Jesus’ yoke is easy and his burden light –
let us not add to their burden with unnecessary expectations
but help them to pick up their crosses to follow Jesus.

Jesus saw the good in those who were despised and spent time with those who were shunned. In the same way, may we never be blinded by differences of culture and class. May we also sit by the well and offer Your living water to all those who thirst for more.
Because young people matter to you.

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