7 Days of Prayer – Day 2 – The Bowl

Jesus, as I join You today on Your journey to the cross, prepare my heart to participate with You in the dark shadows of Good Friday and the bright dawn of Easter Sunday.

Pause and pray

Over the next three days, we are going to explore three different events that took place on Maundy Thursday. Today, we are going to explore the moment, just before the Last Supper, when Jesus washes His disciples’ feet.

Read: John 13:1–5

The evening meal is in progress. The aroma of roasting lamb and freshly baking bread is filling the room. Flickering candles are making the shadows dance. Suddenly the hubbub of conversation dies down. The room falls silent. Jesus is pouring water into a basin, kneeling down, removing my sandals, and gently lowering my filthy feet into the soothing water. This is a job for the lowest servant.

I feel His fingers between my toes. And now gently lifting my feet onto the towel across His lap. He looks up at me as He does this. What expression do I see in His eyes? What emotions do I feel as Jesus serves me in such an intimate and humble way?

Pause and pray

We’re told that ‘Jesus knew that the Father had put all things under his power… so he… began to wash his disciples’ feet’. I pray now for those with real power in our world: presidents, prime ministers, celebrities, captains of industry. I ask You Lord to teach the powerful people in our world how to truly serve.

Pause and pray

These hands, cleansing the dirt from my feet, will soon be pierced for my sin. This man, so completely in control, kneeling at my feet, will soon be stripped naked and hung upon a cross. This Saviour, washing away the dirt of my day with water, will soon purge the very sin of my innermost being with His blood.

Servant King, allow me to serve You today. And help me to serve those I meet this week, in practical and surprising ways that cut through respectable social norms.


Continue to pray as you listen to “Servant King” by Graham Kendrick

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