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Youth Weekend – 3-4 Feb 2018 (£9.50)

Big Church Day Out – 25-28 May 2018 (approx £45)

Youth Holiday – 6-10 Aug 2018 (£84)

ylinkThursday evenings – simply put – a great group!

Y Link takes place each Thursday at 6:30pm.

Come along from 6:30pm its just £2 and for that you get a great meal (hot, meat with veg, and pudding!) – for just £2 I hear you say. Yes that’s correct, so please don’t eat before arriving! (Of course we also can do vegetarian or gluten or dairy free etc options)

Meal, friendships, games and discussion and activity!

We begin each week with a great meal and pudding (and seconds!) Then after a few games and activities we go into smaller, age and gender specific groups to look at something important!

The groups finish and we sometimes have time for a final game before 9pm.

Thursdays of term-time 6:30 – 9:00pm – £2 (including the meal!)

Y Link is for those at secondary school or at college if they want to stay on.

Recent topics have included a series on relationships, the Story of the Bible, people Jesus met and Christmas Unwrapped. We look forward to seeing you.

Can you get a rope into a square whilst blindfolded?


Thursday early evenings – the great group for younger young people

New group for those who are too old* for Kidz Klub and not old** enough for Y Link – it takes place from 5:30pm – 7:20pm on a Thursday evening. It will begin with games activity and discussion and conclude with a great meal (prepared by the Y Link kitchen crew!) – this meal will be hot, filling and include a yummy pud!

Cost is £2 and it is open to all those in Years 6-7, it takes place at Cosham Baptist during term time. The first Energize will take place / has taken place on Thursday 15 September

  • too old – means you are in Year 7 or above or you are in Year 6 and you have stopped or thinking of stopping going to Kidz Klub…or have never been to Kidz Klub and don’t want to start in Year 6
  • **not old – means you are not quite old enough to attend Y link and stay on until 9pm – it might be that you want to wait for Year 8 or even Year 9 before doing this…

Please contact Simon if you have any questions


Sunday Youth

Sunday Mornings from 10:15am

We all start off for an engaging time together with the rest of the Church family, but then after about 20 minutes the adults kindly stay where they are so that we can go and grow. This group is for anyone at secondary school.

  • We want to grow in our friendships with each other
  • We want to grow in our understanding of who we are and how we fit into the world.
  • We want to grow as followers of Jesus.
  • Its the place to be, to build friendships, to ask questions, to be yourself, its the place to…