Teliu Holy Trinity Baptist Church

Our partner church in Teliu, Romania.
We have been to Teliu on four occasions and have now further developed our partnership with a formal partnership agreement.

The partnership is signed – 5 Feb 2017

Sami Oprisanu, the Pastor of Teliu Holy Trinity Baptist Church with his wife Cornelia and their children Rafael and Seraina, on Portsdown Hill


This partnership exists to recognise the special link between the two churches as they seek to honour God, grow in Christ’s likeness and be led by the Spirit.

Its purpose is to enrich each church and also to help each church fulfil God’s mission within its own culture.

To accomplish this purpose and to grow in our friendship and relationship we have agreed to the following areas of partnership:

  1. Prayer: to regularly pray for one another

For example:

Praying for spiritual growth

Praying for people going through difficult times

Praying for strength to stand for Christ against pressures from the world, the flesh and the devil


  1. Help in implementing our common mission: to help one another to reach the unsaved

For example:

Providing food parcels for poor

Funding for camps for kids and teenagers that are not reached

Outreach to Romanians in UK

Common mission elsewhere in the world


  1. Simultaneous events: to
    help build the link between the two churches

For example:

Occasional sermons based on same Bible text

Evangelism – Alpha course

Special services e.g. thanksgiving, invitation services


  1. Visits, including short term missions: to ensure the details of the visit/mission are prepared, for it to be most effective

For example:

Agreeing the specific work to be done

Agreeing the best time to arrive and length of stay

Agreeing the details of food, accommodation, travel etc.

This agreement was signed on Feb 5th 2017 during the service at CBC when Sami from Teliu Church was present in Cosham with his family

The view from the summer-house used by the orphans at Tohana Nou


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