Please pray for our partner Church in Teliu

Please pray for our partner Church in Teliu

When the heating was turned on ready for Andy’s return – one valve was opened that shouldn’t have been and water was sent upstairs in the Church building. This water eventually came through the ceiling of the church and ancillary rooms.

Andy has tidied up the ceiling tiles, and moved chairs to another part of the building. Tomorrow, after Karen arrives they will clean the chairs and ensure worship can take place in the other room. This is an unfinished room so has no heating – but Andy took a box of blankets and woolly hats from the CBC knitting group so one of these will be placed on each chair!

Pray for Dorin to quickly ascertain what damage has occurred upstairs and in the ceiling space. And for the church community to keep growing in love for one another and for Jesus.

Pray for Andy as he sleeps in building with no electricity or heating (-9C overnight)



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