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Harvest India is based in the south-eastern state of Andhra Pradesh in a bustling city called Tenali. This state is known as the “rice bowl” of India and located on the coast of the Indian Ocean. It’s people speak predominantly Telugu. Over 89% of this state are Hindus and it is well known for it’s many temples and pilgrimage sites. Tenali is the hub of all of Harvest India’s work, however we reach far beyond Andhra Pradesh into Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and many other states. With over 70% of India’s population living in 550,000 villages that stretch across the subcontinent and outlying islands, Harvest India’s call to “carry Christ’s compassion to every village in India” is mandatory.  This is achieved by being active in the areas of
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Mercy Ministries:  which include, but are not limited to:Fresh Water Well Installation, Weekly Food Distribution, Medical Camps & Hospitals, Disaster Relief, Emergency Care and Shelter, Hospice Care for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS, Elderly Homes, Red Light District Ministry & Restoration, Monthly Food & Medical Aid to those afflicted with Leprosy

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Orphan Care: More than 1300 children in our care , 26 Children’s Homes

hi education Education: We continue to make a growing investment in the future of India through education in these ways: 2 Elementary Schools for Dalit Children, 2 Junior Colleges, 1 Technical College, 5 Nursing Colleges, 10 Bible Colleges

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Sharing the Gospel: As you get in touch with the intense physical needs of the people of India, you’ll soon find out that without the basic necessities of life, it is difficult to hear the message of God’s love.. As followers of Jesus, we believe that we are called to simultaneously share the Good News and embody the Good News of Christ. Each year we do this in a number of ways including:  ·  3-4 Major Evangelistic Crusades Annually  ·  Multiple Smaller Strategic Evangelistic Crusades in Rural Villages  ·  Planting Churches throughout India  ·  Making Major Investments in Raising Up Leaders & Pastors  ·  Commissioning over 150 Pastors Each Year  ·  Bible Colleges , ·  Pastor & Leader Conferences  ·  Sharing the Love of Jesus wherever we go

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