Final day and arrival home

Final day and arrival home

The team had originally been scheduled to walk up a mountain to see more of the spectacular scenery that this marvellous country can offer, but with Ekua still suffering and others very tired, we asked Sami if we could do something practical on the final day instead. And then on the walk to visit the poor on Tuesday, Jonah got heatstroke so it was also sensible to allow him to rest. So our final full day became a very practical day…

The barn door and wall to side required preparing and painting

we had help from some of our friends from Teliu

The back garden was a bit of a mess still after the first cutting of the overgrowth fairly recently

So first job – clear the existing cut growth. Also please note the condition of the barn behind…

Getting there

Finished task #1

Still lots of clearing up to do ‘out-back’ – and my in the sun was it hot!

The tiles, bricks and growth cleared from the back – time to rebuild and paint

Patti and Simon wanted to paint but there is no stopping Gigi when he gets going!

Patti, 16, is the Under 18 Romanian Fencing Champion in Sabre – she is aiming to be in 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Finished task #2

As the sunset we had just about finished task 3

All ready to be flattened and grass planted – job for you Andy!

After a hard day’s work and to celebrate a great mission – it was time for a grill, and who else do we have as our chef? Gigi!

Time to chat, later it was great to see the conversation between Sami, Cornelia and the new families…

Gigi also has a young grandson – Raphael. (Patti is also his granddaughter). He, of course, send his greetings to Roger – this was the first trip to Teliu that he had not been on

Sami told us he thought this mission trip had been one of the most significant and effective, and plans were put down for a return to Teliu in 2019 – it seems it will be a trip every two years – so book in July 2019 if you are interested.

We also began to investigate another part of the partnership – the possibility of doing joint mission – so the summer of 2018 could include a joint mission between Cosham and Teliu Baptist Churches to Ukraine!

The last night was a beautiful clear night – so opportunity to take familiar long exposure midnight photo of the barn and night sky. This time, the addition of a new build and a shiny door!

This was our view as we brushed our teeth each morning… or this…

Please pray for Ekua. When she got home she went to QA and her ankle is fractured and is now in plaster. Nothing could take the smile off her face though

Time to smile at a photo from this day in 2010… and then the journey home

Thank you Teliu and Romania it has been good

Ahh its our ride home

The 2017 team (plus Gigi)

Thank you for joining with us on our journey – we praise God for all he achieved through us, for the lives we made an impact on and for what He has done in our lives. We thank God for Sami, Cornelia, Gigi, Mariana, Dorian, Colin, Robert and many others who made us so welcome – thank you.

We have worked out today that the cost of the craft we took, the food we took to poor, the food for the children and the donation we made to Teliu Church for all the transport, electricity, other food etc came to £140 more than we raised by the 20 mile walk and 24 hour art. (The team paid for flights, transport in UK, hoodies, insurance and own food when we ate out since we had some seafood delivery uk to bring us some food.)

So could you make a donation to the fund – if we receive more than £140 we will send it to pay for next food delivery to the poor families in the hills (approx £100-£125). Every extra £80 will pay for a child or young person to attend Bible camp. So please give generously if you are able. Thank you!

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