Come back a million times please

Come back a million times please


The final day of the Holiday club went really well. We focused on King Josiah an 8 year old King.

Crown making

From creating a Romanian flag with pictures of what we love about Romania to a game of ladders to songs to object lessons and testimonies about leaders and making a stand for Jesus to making a start picture work our handprints and much more… It was a really good day.


In the evening a good number of people from the village came to the fire-camp. Great songs from Meg and the other singers, 3 powerful sketches, testimonies from Emily and Steve and a short message of good news from Simon made it a really brilliant evening.

Then it was time to say good bye to many friends, and Jonah helpfully encouraged us to reflect on the week of Young Heroes.

A really good week and a well deserved lie-in is being looked forward to by all…

Oh and when Sami asked if people wanted us to return to Teliu, it was suggested that we should ‘a million times’

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