Busy days – great nurses – amazing people

Busy days – great nurses – amazing people

Tuesday 23 January

Our final full day here in India. A full day teaching the nurses. We presented Daniel our translator with a certificate of appreciation. All the nurses were given bookmarks we made in our evening’s in Peddapuram.

It will be a wrench to leave as all the nurses have been so attentive. The 3rd years have been really helpful and Latchmi – the Principal – has been most accommodating.

We taught gastro intestinal, ears and throat, shoulder pain, palliative care, personal hygiene to name a few (posting this before we’ve finished as we have a good connection). Pray for these nurses as they will be working in quite difficult conditions compared to nurses in the UK.

Please pray for us tomorrow as we start our journey back to Hyderabad to catch the flight home in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Monday 22 January

Great day teaching the nurses Sue taught diabetes and heart disease, Alun exercises for back pain. Tomorrow Anne will teach on end of life care and we’ll all chip in on the range of other topics they want us to touch on. Daniel is doing a great job translating, and the third year nurses (we met them as 1st years in 2016) are really helpful

Sunday 21 January

Low key service at Kings Temple this morning. Only nursing students, no PA and only drum/tambourine accompaniment . Still good time of praise and worship. Excellent lunch at a local pastors house. Then organised chaos ensued. The most full on medical camp we’ve experienced. Very noisy with a lot of pushing and shoving in line to be seen. Anne did a valiant job one side of the table assessing the medical conditions while Alun was the other side assessing the musculo-skeletal cases. Sue had been taken off to do activities with 40+ children in the church hall. Later she managed to do injections along side some of the student nurses we knew from last visit. Also we had opportunity to pray with people as well

Please pray for all those we assessed and could do next to nothing for with the limited facilities available to us.

Another VERY busy medical camp…..but we all seem to be standing at the close of it. Praise the Lord!
Thank you for your prayers and support. Tomorrow we head to the nursing college to teach so we’d value your prayers again. Bless you x

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