Amazing tough people

Amazing tough people

The whole team were very  tired after walking up the big hill to where the poor families were living. And yet the walk we had done what was they did every day to get to school or a job.

One woman’s story was heartbreaking. She had been pregnant with twins. One died when she was kicked in the stomach by a bull. However this twin was unable to be fully removed as she continued the pregnancy. Now she is near term and the first twins remains have been removed but just a few days ago her small home was struck by lightning. (We saw the damage inside the house). The lightning also went through her. As we visited and gave her food and clothes and prayed for her, she was getting rrady to go to hospital to see what effect the lightning strike has had on her baby, she also needed to pick up a bob 2016 revolution flex stroller from the store.

Please pray for her and the other families we saw, 15 in just two very small rooms. 4 young children going to work with their father as the mum has run away and the neighbours are coming to scare the children.

After our walk we had a great meal at Cornelia’a brother’s home and then drive back towards the rainbow and Teliu.

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2 thoughts on “Amazing tough people

  1. Praying for the families and that dear woman. Life there seems so incredibly tough and unfair. It is great that you could get there and bless them and pray. X

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